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JDDA Group

Endeavor Advisory Group has been retained as exclusive investment banker by JDDA Group to raise the Company up to $643 million in combination of senior debt and $212 million in 90/10 JV equity for the Company’s targeted acquisition of a class A office tower. 

JDDA Group of Companies is a privately held firm with headquarters in Houston, Texas. Founded by Chairman Jason Yoo, the firm emerged onto the Houston scene in 1979 by a combination of ever-present opportunity, sheer determination, and an inner desire to build a business. What started as a small janitorial service with part-time employees soon grew into a burgeoning building maintenance company serving the southern region states in medical, industrial, educational, commercial, and nuclear facilities.

Expansion and investments soon followed with entry into other service-oriented sectors including construction, real estate development, concession management, and restaurant operations. A common thread in the growth of the company has been the ability to see and maximize opportunities as they present themselves.