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The largest single point portal for contracted government debt obligations has engaged Endeavor Advisory Group as its exclusive investment banker.

Alpharetta, Georgia (May 28th, 2019) – Municipal Network Exchange, has signed an Exclusive Engagement agreement with Endeavor Advisory Group to raise a $100 million credit facility for the purchase of Government Debt Obligations “GDO’s.” This will help position MUNEX360 be the single largest portal for Government Debt Obligations in the United States representing no competition, an annual market of $400 billion.

Municipal Network Exchange, Inc is known in the Health and Human Service Sector for providing a proprietary platform to source, validate and certify federally sponsored obligations for review and sale through a web-based platform. “Municipal Network Exchange, Inc is a singularity, and this agreement exemplifies Endeavor’s dedication and shared vision in identifying capital sources for what can only be described as UNIQUE.

About Municipal Network Exchange, Inc

Founded in 2010, Municipal Network Exchange, Inc is the maker of MUNEX360 is a “Software as a Service” (SaaS) company. Operating from Alpharetta Georgia, the company represents the first comprehensive debt exchange platform for entitlement and grant obligations under the Department of Health and Human Services (”HHS”) and its providers.