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One of the world's largest telecommunications companies and one of North America's largest mall developers have engaged Endeavor as an exclusive banker to raise the companies $150M in combination of equity and credit facility for a project known as Smart Mall.

The Smart Mall Program involves the Partnership and Delivery expertise of leading Telecom sector Equipment and Services companies, providing a Design, Build, Maintenance, and Manage Service delivery to the REIT Client. The portfolio involves 46 A-Grade Malls, covering over 50 Million square feet of Mall space. The investor opportunity funds the Capex requirements of the program over a 20 year term under an InBuilding Communications Infrastructure lease back Agreement. Revenue streams are significant multi-year.

The solution solves the REIT demand to transform into a Digital business, offering a catalogue of communications services to Mall tenants and users. The Smart Malls will combine retailtainment and technology to deliver a new and improved shopping experience. They are a response to the growing popularity of online shopping and falling high street sales. In addition to visitor attractions, Smart Malls will use consumers’ smartphones to drive in-store sales by providing new services such as wayfinding navigation, notifications, offers, loyalty rewards, and updates in return for information about where they go and how they shop. The end result is increased revenue and profitability for the REIT as a result of existing tenant Agreements.