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Endeavor Advisory Group has been retained as exclusive investment banker to US-based, global financial institutions by WATT+VOLT.

WATT+ VOLT has been a key player in the energy market since 2011. They currently have more than 200,000 customers and the largest network of stores across Greece. WATT+VOLT is a tribe of skilled people, working towards smart, affordable, and environmentally sustainable energy solutions that make life simpler and more exciting. Their enterprise is driven by the constant innovation in technology, their continuous investment in R&D and a passion to provide an immaculate customer experience across touch-points, based on the organic development of internal customer care resources and the increasing digitization of services. WATT+VOLT contribute back to society through their support and a greener planet through their services. Their strategic mission is to expand their reach and establish themselves as the leading provider of integrated energy solutions in Southern Europe and the Balkans.

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